Saturday, June 17, 2017

Universal Studios!


Reeeeeeally wanted to get Kimo a chocolate frog, but knew it would never take the heat from being mailed to Honduras!

               Before riding the Simpsons Ride, there were some pictorial cautions!

We had a really good time here at Universal Studios, mainly due to the head-of-the-line passes we broke down and bought.  Soooooo worth it!  They made the difference between standing in line for an attraction for 45 minutes to standing in line 3 minutes!  Why have we never done this before???

Miscellaneous Cell Phone Photos

Kimo calling home on Mother's Day!

Persistent ivy

We call this the fried egg flower

Purple flowered Jacaranda tree

Lemon meringue pie!

OB Sunset

Elongated evening shadows!


Card Emi made me for Mother's Day

Temple daytime

Bananas Foster with added fruit!  So good!                                                     



Friday, April 28, 2017

Pleased Mom and Dad

Most folks know by now that Kimo is currently serving his two-year mission in Honduras. I miss him so very much and at the same time I'm glad he is out there doing his duty.  I am absolutely amazed at what he is doing!  He is learning to: speak Spanish, teach the gospel, be guided by the Holy Ghost, live with a missionary companion 24/7, and take care of himself and all that that entails!  He has shown himself to be thoughtful and kind and loving.  I've always loved my son, of course, but I am in awe of him to a larger degree than I ever have been before. I've never liked to say that "I'm proud" of my kids.  That implies comparisons to other people.  What I prefer to say is that I am deeply pleased with my son, Kimo and that I love him.  Please pray for Kimo and all the other missionaries, that they could be safe and successful in doing the Lord's work.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Me vs. the Zipper

Been wanting to make a bag for a while, but the zipper was intimidating to me.  But no more!  I want to make some more of these to give away!

Recycling Lettuce

                                     Just trying to see how far this lettuce will regrow!